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*INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL EVENT* February 9, 10 & 11, 2021


ATTENTION REALTORS: The Must Attend Event of the Year

Master Winning Listings and Dominate Sales in Your Market in 2021

Experience 3 Days With Kevin Ward and Discover The Specific Steps to Having Motivated Sellers Lining Up to Hire You in The Midst of Uncertain Times.

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THE YEAR AFTER: The Secret to Winning in Chaos in 2021...and Beyond

  • A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Path to Add 6-Figures to Your Income in 2021
  • ​Where to Focus Your Lead Generation for Maximum Return
  • ​How to Leverage Your Schedule to Get More Done in Less Time
  • ​Mastering Technology, The Internet, & A Million-Dollar Smartphone
  • How to Stop Grinding for Business and Start Building a Business
  • ​How To Build Something That Will Beat Zillow
  • ​The One Master System that will Have Motivated Clients Lining Up to Hire You
  • ​How to Leverage Processes and People for Maximum Profitability
  • The Lie of Work-Life Balance. How to...Win It All. Have It All. Love It All.
  • ​Identifying & Beating the Real Obstacles to Your Success
  • ​Conquering the Chaos, Stress, and Uncertainty in these Times.
  • ​How to Keep Your Life From Sucking While Your Business Soars

At AML 2020 Agents Like You Took Action & Got Results...Right at the Event

It was unforgettable and amazing to see how attendees from our last virtual event transformed 
their businesses right away. 

They boldly stepped out of their comfort zone, immediately implemented what they learned at the event, and actually started making money! They were literally getting leads, appointments, 
and listings from the training they got during those 3 days. 



"Best training I've ever had in real estate. Every new or seasoned agent has to attend. It will change your life!"

Jeff Spencer - Cincinnati, Ohio

“A very impactful event that has stretched me out of my comfort zone & helped me overcome my fears."

Cecille Cupino - San Diego, CA

"Been attending Kevin’s live events for the past 6 years, and the information & systems that he shares keep getting better."

Ramon Iribe - Riverside, CA

Agents, As Change and Chaos Rolls On in 2021...Systematically DESIGN Your Business, Strategically INCREASE Your Income, & Successfully CREATE The Life You Want TODAY!

Join us at Agent Mastery Live 2021 Virtual Edition

February 9-11, 2021

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Why Agent Mastery Live 2021 is NOT Like Other Live Virtual Events

AML2021 is NOT… 

  • This is NOT a 3-day marathon webinar, where you sit and watch someone ramble on endlessly. At AML2021, you will be stretched beyond your comfort zone. You’ll be doing interactive learning and  hands-on implementation of what you’ll learn. Learn, execute, and experience the results.
  • This is NOT an online event where you get random, incohesive “nuggets” of wisdom (If you're looking for nuggets, go to McDonald’s). You’re going to get a complete actionable master plan, proven and specifically engineered to help you succeed in 2021 and beyond.
  • This is NOT one big hype-a-thon with a parade of celebrity speakers trying to hype you up and taking you down different paths (leaving you fired up but more confused than ever!).  You’ll get the insider info on how exactly agents just like you are exploding their income like never before.

REAL Agents are Crushing it in Their Business, Even in a Crisis

As with our last event, AML 2020, our speakers are real agents just like you. 

They had a big dream, mastered a process, did the work, and are now crushing it in their business and exploding their incomes… even in the middle of all this chaos!

At our last live virtual event, they revealed their most powerful secrets for making tons of money even in the middle of a crisis and gave our attendees a clear, step-by-step plan on exactly how to IMPLEMENT them.

Some of our attendees’ most mind-blowing takeaways from our speakers were;
  • How to harness the power of CLARITY & FOCUS accelerate your success and progress to get your dreams. 
  • Strategies for integrating your business with other things your passionate about...without guilt or burn out.
  • The best ways to get business from the people you know (without annoying them).
At Agent Mastery Live 2021, you can expect our speakers to reveal even more powerful strategies that you can implement in your own business and get dramatic results.

AML 2021 Guest Speakers


Sergio Nazarro

8z Realtors, Denver, CO 

Sergio became a real estate broker in 2014 to do his own real estate investing. January 2018, he decided to go full time selling real estate. He made over $330,000 his rookie year and...let's just say...a lot more his second year. Because of his success and passion, Sergio is also now a YesMasters Coach.

Essie Taylor

Keller Williams, Las Vegas, NV

Essie Taylor was born and raised in Sweden.Realtor for 6 years, with YesMasters for 5 years and has already become one of  Las Vegas' top agents.  Hear how she has clients lining up to hire her, and she is building financial freedom with her husband, David. 

Buchi Offodile

Sold100, DC, Maryland 

Buchi became a real estate agent in 2013 and has been a Yesmasters coaching member since 2015. He joined the Inner Circle in February of 2019 and has grown his business every year by implementing the Real Estate Vortex.  Hear how he is making his dreams come true.

Ewelina Kurka & Simon Dzienis

Your Castle Real Estate, Denver, CO 

Simon and Ewelina are a wife/husband team. 
They love real estate, but they see it primarily as their vehicle to serve people and to accomplish their own dreams.  Kevin has been teaching them to dream BIG. Hear how they've begun living the life of their dreams.

Dave Culbertson

Broker, Owner, Grandpa
Real Living Home Team, Mount Vernon, OH. 

Age, 65. Married 40 years as of day before Agent Mastery Live. Father of six. Grandfather of eight. In 25th year serving Central and North Central Ohio as a full-time REALTOR and in 15th year as Broker/Owner. Follower of Kevin for a few years from afar. Then took the plunge with the 100 day challenge early in 2020 to battle COVID mentality. Best thing I've done in my 25 years of real estate! Have really latched on to the quick use of videos thanks to the inspiration of Kevin and Sergio. Do a 5-Day a Week Facebook Video called "A Morning Minute", usually on local or inspirational topics and not so much real estate. Have been doing personal birthday videos to PC for a few years. Have had other nationally-known coaches, but Kevin's life coaching combined with real estate coaching tops them all!

Julie Baez

A real estate professional since 2012. She finds the act of helping others to be very gratifying and is passionately committed to serving her clients far beyond their expectations. Julie inherently focuses on long-term building friendships with clients and earning their trust and referral for life with her patience, dedication, and dependability. She believes that communication is a crucial component to a successful transaction, that is why she do her best to truly understand the needs and priorities of each client. Julie values her clients and understands the importance of a quick and personal response. 

Dean Kessler

The Beautiful Victorian Seaport of Eureka, CA

The Kessler Real Estate team
Inner Circle, 3 Years
Retired Coast Guard Officer, 23 years of service.
Licensed real estate broker since 2001, 
In 2016 joined YesMasters coaching and evolved into the Inner Circle, 1 year in the Inner Circle
In 2019 re-joined YesMasters coaching and was accepted back into the Inner Circle

Trish Round

Trish Round's authentic character and love for people has made her perfectly suited of real estate. Her exceptional knowledge comes from an extensive background in sales and marketing. Before her start in real estate, Trish had an extremely successful career traveling around the world as a trainer, educator and motivational speaker for one of the largest corporations in Michigan. 

With over 30 years of experience in the corporate arena, Trish's keen communication skills have proven to be an excellent match for the real estate industry.

These speakers are not celebrities here to entertain or wow you. They are players who started out just like you. They have been specifically invited because of their real-life results from implementing the exact strategies you will be learning at AML 2021. Come learn from top agents across the they are doing it, and how YOU can too.

What Other Agents Experienced From AML 2020 

Agents who attended our last live virtual event, Agent Mastery Live 2020 discovered (even in a virtual interactive format) how they can transform their business and make tons of money even in these crazy times.

"I have a seller who called me for the opportunity to sell one of their houses. i feel honored and blessed that this happened after putting into practice what I learned from Agent Mastery Live."
- Dine Banzon - San Francisco, CA

"I just got a listing appointment from my Facebook post (implementing what I learned 15 minutes ago). Thanks! This stuff really works!"
- Anadel Canale - New York, NY

"Agent Mastery Live Virtual 2020 was totally awesome! I took away strategies & the right mindset that helped me expand my business right away. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants success not only in your business but also in your life."
- Jesse Schaeffer - Austin, TX

"I sent a batch of the investor text message scripts this morning and now I have people replying ...the biggest one is an old colleague who is moving into real estate and is looking into multi family and would like me to send my proposal. Thank you for making me take action and step up my game, you’re the best!!"
- Kathryn Rozanski - Murrieta, CA

“Best event I’ve ever attended. Kevin’s inspired me to fight my fears, fight procrastination, and fight for my dreams.”

Anna Shi - Winter Garden, FL

"Awesome training with tons of valuable information to help you grow your real estate business."

Marcus Texada - Arlington, TX

"An awesome event with structure. Kevin's made me believe that I can fulfill my dreams."

Maria Ramos - Imperial County, CA


**INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL EVENT** February 9-11, 2021

Early Bird for Only $97 Agent Mastery Live 2021 Registration Includes:

  • Your Early Bird Ticket to the Agent Mastery Live 2021 Interactive Virtual Edition (VALUE = $997) 
  • ​Downloadable VORTEX Manual (VALUE = $97)
  • ​The Book of YES Scripts 2021 Vortex Edition (VALUE = $49)
  • ​ACCESS to the AML Private Facebook Community.
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If you’re wondering if this is really going to be worth it...I 100% GUARANTEE it. I’m confident that you’re going to get so much value out of the event, that if you implement what you’ll learn, you can dramatically transform your business and your life. Attend Day 1 at no risk. If you don’t agree it’s the best training you’ve ever experienced, simply email us at the end of day 1 for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the dates and times of the "Agent Mastery LIVE 2021" Event?
February 9, 10, 11, 2021.  The tentative daily schedule is 8AM to 4PM Pacific Time. The final daily schedule will be released in February.
What is the venue for the event?
AML 2021 is a Live 3-Day Online Interactive Virtual Event delivered directly to your desktop or notebook computer.  You will want to have a strong internet connection, a working webcam and an external microphone.
Who is "Agent Mastery Live" for?
This event is specifically designed for residential real estate agents (although we have attendees who are not agents, but come for the powerful training that applies for other sales industries).  It is for agents at all levels and from anywhere around the world.
What does "Agent Mastery" Mean?
This event is specifically designed for residential real estate agents (although we have attendees who are not agents, but come for the powerful training that applies for other sales industries).  Mastery is achieving a level of competence, skill, and confidence that sets you head and shoulders above other agents in the industry.  This event will put you on the path to achieving high levels of mastery quickly.
Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, if you are (or want to be) a successful real estate agent, then this is the #1 event for you to attend!

Agents, As Change and Chaos Rolls On in 2021...Systematically DESIGN Your Business, Strategically INCREASE Your Income, & Successfully CREATE The Life You Want TODAY!

Join us at Agent Mastery Live 2021 Virtual Edition

February 9-11, 2021

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