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Winning In The Era of 
Chaos & Crisis

Momentum To Mastery To MILLIONS

All NEW Live Virtual Event for 2020!!!

Join Kevin Ward and Top Agents from all over North America and Beyond who are committed to being the Best In The World at What They Do.

This New Era of Real Estate Requires New Skills, New Strategies, and An Entirely New Approach.

Learn the New Strategies, New Skills, New Systems and the New Mindset required to Dominate in the Brave New World of Real Estate’s Future.

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Dear Real Estate Agent, 
A few months ago, the world changed...and how YOU succeed in real estate changed immediately and forever. 

This ALL NEW 3-day live virtual event will help you Grow Your Business and Income Fast even in the middle of Chaos and Crisis.  

Let’s face it, If you are still using the same old sales approaches of the past…you know how tough it had gotten already...and now the old ways are dead.  If your broker or manager or trainer is still telling you the same thing they’ve been telling agents for the last 75 years...the future is bleak.  

In today's competitive and chaotic environment it's like being a doormat in a warehouse full of doormats...trying to figure out how to differentiate your doormat!

Agents are exiting by the thousands...

Home sales in most markets across the country have dropped dramatically...and with millions of homes in mortgage forbearance, millions more delinquent, unemployment off the charts...there is more turmoil coming.  Fewer deals.  Massive competition. Widespread uncertainty.  And the whole COVID-19 thing is still out of control.

The good news is that in every crisis there is massive opportunity...BUT you have to understand the times and know what to do.

You have no time to waste.

For over the last 2 years, I have been warning and preparing my coaching members for a market downturn. We just had no idea it would hit this soon, or this intensely.  

If you are ready to make the right adjustments and adapt to the new world of real estate, you will make more money in the next 12 months and beyond than you probably ever imagined. 

We've been on an urgent quest to find and refine and bring to my coaching members the BEST strategies and tools for winning in real estate in this new age of chaos and crisis. I and my team took a deep dive into marketing and lead generation and business strategy...collaborating, interviewing, observing, testing…and learning to crack the code into the future of real estate.

An Entirely Different Approach to Selling...

What is working today and what it takes to succeed today has changed so much, that I had already decided to shelve my old training camps that have been phenomenally successful for agents over the last 6 years, and to create an entirely new event for 2020...bringing to you the future of real estate.

And now with the current crisis, it is more urgent than ever that you learn and adapt to the new world of real estate.

This is not just a "better mousetrap." At Agent Mastery Live Virtual 2020 you will experience an entirely different approach to selling real estate.

This event will clarify your path to elevate your income and accelerate your success.

"This Is NOT Like Any Other Event!"

Unlike other conferences, this isn’t one big hype-a-thon.

You won’t be confused by a parade of random speakers trying to take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths. (Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?) 

If you're just looking to be entertained by a big-name celebrity speaker to get you pumped up (only to go back home and get deflated when the emotion wears off) will not find that here. 

But...if you're looking to learn from agents like yourself who sat in the same seat you are and are now making huge incomes even in this pandemic...this is your event.

I’ve created this 3-day virtual event to be a cohesive JOURNEY.

Every session has been strategically created to give you a specific piece of what it takes to grow your business from $0 to 6-Figures, from 6-Figures to 7-figures, and from 7-Figures to Financial Freedom.

I’ll be taking you on the END-TO-END journey from:
  • Exact Strategies to Get Momentum Quickly to Increase Your Income no matter where you are currently or how bad the Crisis.
  • ​​Detailed Protocols to Gain The Mastery to Earn Your First 6-Figures in the middle of Chaos.
  • ​The Exact Blueprint to Grow Your Business to Make Your First $Million regardless of what the Market does.
  • How to Sustain a Profitable Business to Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams and Achieve Financial Freedom.

I'm Here To Change Your Life...

This 3-Day virtual training will give you more than just the step-by-step path to make more money (although it will give you all of that).

Agent Mastery Live will give you the clarity and belief to actually follow this path and achieve a long term success.

Why Would You Join Us?

Get ready to play a bigger game... Agent Mastery Live will stretch and elevate all aspects of your business and life.

Why you don't want to miss this: 
  • ACCESS to An Elite Community: Meet and virtually network with other top performing agents... 
  • The Strategies: ​Master the future of lead generation, online and video marketing, and lead conversion strategies. 
  • The Trainings: Achieve Mastery and get a clear step-by-step path for sustainable success in today’s market.

The Agenda


Tuesday, Sept 8th, 2020.

  • CONFIDENCE - How to quickly create unstoppable momentum in your business fast.
  • ​LEAD FLOW - How to get off the hamster wheel of cold-calling without getting results.
  • ​TIME MASTERY- How to get more done every day, enjoy it more, and conquer burn out forever.
  • PROFITABILITY - How to get listings and sales without giving away your commission.
  • ​SUSTAINABILITY - How to insure a constant flow of business get off the income roller coaster.


Wednesday, Sept 9th, 2020.

  • REPUTATION - How to build your brand and reputation on results, not gimmicks.
  • SKILL - How to master the art and science of getting “Yes” without the B.S.
  • ​​SELLERS - How to Build a Listing-based Business and stop wasting time with unmotivated buyers.
  • RESULTS - How to sell every listing for more money every time.
  • ​PRESENCE - How to break into new markets and dominate in your first year.


Thursday, Sept 10th, 2020.

  • QUANTUM GROWTH - How to Go From Zero To $1 Million Fast.
  • ​SUCCESS - The Power of a Dream: How to have it all and still love it all.
  • ​SYSTEMS - The Exact Systems to Grow a 7-figure Business.
  • ​LEVERAGE - How to assemble a special forces team without being a babysitter. 
  • ​WEALTH - How to Achieve a Great Lifestyle and Financial Freedom.

Featured Speakers

Kevin Ward

Founder of YesMasters & Creator of The Real Estate Vortex.
The No B.S. Real Estate Success Coach

I’m really an introverted, country boy from West Texas who grew up in a mobile home. As a kid I was so insecure…I would rather talk to our farm animals than to other people. And then I got into real estate and they told me I had to go talk to strangers every day.

I. Was. Terrified. I was also desperate. I had a family to feed. No savings. No other options. I just started. I found a great mentor, I did exactly what he told me. I did the work. And I started getting listings. AND EVERYTHING CHANGED.
By my third year I was selling over 100 homes annually.

Today, I train agents to become the Best in the World at what they do and to have the income and lifestyle of their dreams.

Peggy Yee 

"How to Sell Real Estate, Raise a Family, and Get Financially Free All At The Same Time"

Realtor, Investor, YesMasters Coach, & Inner Circle Member
Peggy Yee and Associates, Virginia

Although Peggy has a PhD from Stanford University, she got into real estate after becoming homeless because she trusted an amateur real estate agent. It made her realize the huge impact real estate agents have in the lives of their clients and it is a responsibility she does not take lightly. 

As part of her journey, she joined YesMasters to help take her business to the next level and has been an active Inner Circle member for the last 4 years. Peggy became a YesMasters coach because she wants to give back to the Community and help other agents transform their lives.  Peggy and her husband, David, are also building their Financial Freedom with plans to move with their 2 children to Hawaii in the next 2 years.

Sergio Nazzaro

"From $0 to $1 Million in 2 Years"

8z Realtor, Colorado Real Estate Broker, Investor, 
YesMasters Coach & Inner Circle Leadership Council

Sergio is a graduate of United States Air Force Academy and served 13 years in the Air Force, including one tour to Afghanistan.

He became a licensed real estate broker in 2014 to do his own real estate investing endeavors. In January 2018, Sergio decided to go full time in selling real estate.  He made over $330,000 his rookie year and...let's just say...a lot more in his second year.  Because of his success and passion, Sergio is also now a YesMasters Coach.

You'll hear what he has done that has made him truly a master in such a short time.

Greg Hague 

"The Death of Traditional Real Estate"

Founder of 72SOLD, Broker/Owner
Hague Partners, Luxury Home Specialists

"I was attacked by a bear, crashed my motorcycle in Africa, and force-landed my plane on a remote island beach. I’ve done a lot of exciting things, but nothing has been as fun or rewarding as finding innovative ways to do real estate." 

Greg is an attorney, bestselling author, speaker, nationally recognized home sales trainer, and market disruptor. In 1981, Greg moved to Arizona and became the number one agent in the state in his first year. 

In the last 2 years he has taken a small boutique luxury brokerage and transformed it into the market dominator in Phoenix using his innovative 72SOLD program that equips agents to sell homes for Top Dollar in 72 Hours. 

Cece Wong 

“This Is More Than Just Selling Houses...
It’s Changing The World”

Realtor at The Highland Group Realtors La Rosa Realty, 

Cece did non-profit work (teaching the Bible and mentoring college students) for 10 years before getting into real estate because she has always been passionate about helping young people experience God. Once she started doing real estate full-time in January 2019, Cece blew past a 6-figure income as a rookie and joined the YesMasters Inner Circle her rookie year. Her income is already giving her the opportunity to fund her non-profit work. The key to her success is harnessing the power of leveraging relationships to get business. Kevin’s coaching has given her the skills & confidence to achieve her income goals & fulfill her dream.
“If you want success fast, you copy what someone else has done that has the results you want — You find the best in the industry, copy their best strategies, and put in your best effort!”

J. Plinio "J.P." Montalvan

“Building The Team & The Dream by Building Yourself”

Best of Washingtonian, 2017, 2018, 2019
Top Agents, Northern Virginia Magazine & Arlington Magazine 2017, 2019
2020 YesMasters Inner Circle Leadership Council

JP leads the Capital Estate Group of Compass Real Estate. He focuses on aligning partners, associates and "inside" team staff with the firm's mission and map paths to better lives and better communities through innovative and dynamic real estate service.
He builds his team around the concept of collaboration and mentoring. He regularly coaches them because he cares more about how he can help people be successful.
Beyond business, he’s passionate about spinning, Muay Thai, working with local charities like Dog Tag Bakery and the Central Union Mission, and traveling with family and friends.

Paul Domenech 

“A World-Champion Approach to Real Estate”

From MMA World Champion to Successful Realtor
#1 Real Estate Agent on the Emerald Coast, Real Trends Magazine 2018,
ERA Circle of Achievement, ERA Jim Jackson Customer Service Award,
2020 YesMasters Inner Circle Leadership Advisory Council

Paul “Pauly” Domenech was always driven for success. At a young age, he discovered that working hard and fighting for what he believed in could not only help him achieve his dreams but enabled him to realize his passion for being an entrepreneur and helping others. Pauly had a dynamic career in MMA and bagged the prestigious title of World Champion in Jiu-Jitsu. 
Since becoming an agent in 2015, he’s been one of the top performers of his company,and most recently, a 2-time winner of the ERA Jim Jackson customer service award out of 45,000 agents. Pauly recently became a father for the first time, and lives by the motto: Be Kind, Remain Savage, and Change Lives!

Jose Contreras

 “Making Choices & Building Empires”

Top 5% Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Quality Properties
2020 YesMasters Inner Circle Leadership Council

Jose got into real estate in 2006 and has since been tirelessly devoting his efforts towards assisting clients with their real estate needs. 

His strategy for success is knowing how to talk to people and being of service to them. He always makes himself available to them in any way, shape or form and answers their questions right away. Open House Events have been his main key to connect with people and build relationships.
To him, success is more than hitting a 6-figure income. It's having the freedom to travel and spend time with family and friends. His advice to other agents: “Build relationships every day. That is the key to having a sustainable business.”

Masiray Kanneh-Peart

 “Committed To Serving With Integrity”

Decorated Retired US Army Officer Turned Realtor

Masiray is a decorated retired US Army Officer turned Realtor specializing in exceeding the expectations of active duty service members and veterans as they transition between duty assignments or out of the military. 

As a Military Relocation Specialist, she has developed a signature methodology that streamlines the buying, selling and relocation process for her valued clients. Committed to serving with integrity, Masiray expands her impact by sharing her experience and knowledge on how to navigate the military retirement process and transition into the civilian world with ease, through in-person seminars and online trainings. 

 When she’s not finding someone’s next dream home or educating her military community, you can find her traveling the world and curating the ideal post military lifestyle.
Agents who started out just like you...and today...Their life is unrecognizable....
You will hear their stories, be inspired by their journeys, and learn what they are actually doing to create such success.

What Agents Are Saying About
YesMasters Live Events

Why are so many Agents raving about YesMasters' Live Events? We focus on practical strategies, training & mastery, and results to take your Real Estate business to the next level. Agent Mastery Live 2020 is the BEST Real Estate event for Agents who are committed to their growth and success. 

I believe people's lives change when they attend the right event and surround themselves with people that are the BEST in the world at what they do. All it takes is one new strategy, one new system, or a new mindset that transforms your business and life forever...

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